Under the Stars

Under The Stars is an award winning nomadic stargazing service in the Wairarapa. We come to you, wherever you are in the  region. A back yard is perfect, or an open space like a park if you or your friends don’t have an open sky section in your back garden. We specialise in small intimate star party gatherings with minumum 2 people and a maximum of 10.

We bring everything you need for a night of stargazing, a huge portable telescope (after Level 2), binoculars, star charts and blankets to keep you warm as you look up. We explain what you can see, stars and constellations and the stories and science they can tell us. Depending on what objects are up that night, we take a closer look at the Moon, planets (if they are in the sky) and some nearby deep sky objects like nebulae, clusters and galaxies. We also use the sky to do some simple celestial navigation and observe seasonal changes.

Star parties are fun, interesting, accessible and enjoyable for everyone, no minimum age! Email us to make a booking. Tours are available from $150.

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