Light Engineering Ltd

Design Capabilites:

  • Free-space optical system design
  • Fibreoptic system design
  • Optoelectronic system design
  • Electronic design and board layout
  • Mechanical integration design
  • Here’s your situation.  You have a design on a breadboard or lab bench, which looks like a tangle of parts, fibre and wires and which may need someone hovering over it to keep it working.I can: turn the design into a prototype, turn the tangle of parts, fibre and wires into something tidy and robust, put electronics and software around it to make it user-friendly & put it in a box, so it will survive international shipping.
  • Whether you want to build one unit or one hundred, I can help with your contract manufacturing requirements.
  • Something broken?  Let me know.

Please note I don’t work with death-ray lasers or lightsabres.

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